Fat Burning Workshop

Before today, you have probably heard a lot about losing weight from other people.

Chances are that what you have been told about losing weight has been completely false!

If it was true, you would have already lost the weight.

Many people have this untrue idea that the ONLY way to lose weight is through cutting calories dieting and hard-core exercise – the “no pain-no gain” approach – thinking this is going to burn off fat calories. This is absolutely NOT true. They ignore the subject of hormones.

Believe it or not, there is ONLY one right way to lose the weight and it MUST be geared toward your body type. And it definitely MUST be the healthy way.
Your body type gives clues on what type of fat you have. But just because you have this body “type” doesn’t mean you have a disease. This is not meant as a diagnosis of any kind – only your medical doctor can diagnose medical conditions.

Having the correct plan that matches your specific body is a much easier and faster way to lose weight and keep it off. Doing the wrong plan will keep you craving and require tremendous amounts of willpower and motivation.

Forget about focusing on CALORIES, instead look at how HORMONES affect those calories.

Our Program Is Unique!
Below Are Just a Few of The Many Benefits of Doing Our Program

  • Increase your energy. You are not going to burn any fat if you don’t have excellent energy. Energy is a benefit of a healthy body.
  • No more cravings for you. Cravings mean your body is not in balance. Through a unique method of feeding your body what it needs, NOT what it craves, you can eliminate cravings for good! (There is no way you can do a program long-term if you crave the wrong foods.)
  • Decrease your stress. Many people are over-stressed and this can bump you out of fat burning as the stress hormone, called cortisol is bad for losing belly fat. Our program gets you to rest and recover so your tolerance for stress goes through the roof.
  • Get a sense of wellbeing. Achieving a sense of wellbeing is end goal of the program. This is how you are supposed to feel all the time!
  • Improved your sleep quality. Did you know you burn fat during deep sleep and hardly burn any at all during the day? We will get you sleeping deeply to the point your body can tap into its fat reserves!
  • Lose inches and pounds. As you create more and more health, your body will start to use its storage (especially in the belly) as a fuel source, instead of stored sugar. You will see consistent fat burning week after week.
  • Get your shape back. Your body was never meant to be this distorted. And don’t buy into the ‘I’m getting older’ bla, bla, bla. You CAN get your body shape back and it doesn’t have to take forever.

The Progressive Stages of Your Body Type

Below are the stages of a typical body distortion. To undo and reverse the damage you will NOT need to start another calorie-restrictive diet and or do hours and hours of exercise at the gym. However, it is necessary to do the right program for your body type.


Let’s get you started so you can start wearing those clothes you have collecting dust in your closet. Don’t wait until stage 3 – take action today!