At 70 years of age I am newly active and feeling quite well. I am a fitness swimmer and cross-country skier. This came to me as a shock in October 1999 when after a full, physical days work assisting a friend in constructing a building, severe pain developed in my left shoulder. After four weeks of self-treatment produced no relief, I consulted my internist who ordered should x-rays with negative results. We then ordered an MRI results of which provided these conclusions “rotator cuff tear with impingement, medical distortion of the long head of the biceps.” Recommendation “surgery requiring six weeks total immobilization of my left arm in a sling, with no movement what so ever.” Another six weeks of rehabilitation would be required. I was less than enthused, so when after reading about and then hearing that Low Level Laser treatment was available locally. I contacted Dr. Lizer at Eagle River Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Lizer provided more detailed information to me and I immediately decided to try the Laser Treatments.

I have since had 40 laser treatments to my left shoulder. The treatments have provided me with pain relief and a full range of shoulder movement. The rotator cuff tear has not completely healed yet and probably will not for six to eight months. However, I can use my left arm and expect full recovery by October 2000. I have confidence that Low Level Laser treatment has ensured I will not require surgery on my rotator cuff tear as it will have healed naturally

Nancy Thomas

I’ve been meaning to write to you for the last 2 months. I want to thank you again for helping me with Plantar fascia I developed in my right foot. The cold laser you used on it had immediately result-after the 1st treatment, the pain started to go away – I had periods that the pain seemed to get worse, but those periods got further and further away.

I haven’t had a treatment in 3 months, as live in Tucson, Arizona for a vacation at this time. I have been virtually pain free- a twinge now and then that’s all. I would highly recommend the Laser Treatment to anyone in any kind of pain- Thanks Again!!!
-Nancy Thomas

Ben Helton

Hi Folks, my name is Ben, and I’ve always had weak knees. Back in high school I used to be pretty rough on my knees playing sports and the like. Since then it’s always bothered me that I had to cut back on some of my activities because of my knees. Of course I knew about surgery that can be done, but that certainly didn’t appeal to me, and it wasn’t really at the point where I was willing to spend that kind of money to address the problem, it was just something I would have to deal with.

I live in Seattle and came up to visit my folks in Eagle River from time to time. Well on my last visit up there, I managed to twist up my right knee pretty good while my dad and I were out fishing one day. After a few days the swelling went down and I was fine to walk around but it felt a lot weaker on one side particularly. Shortly thereafter I accompanied my mother while she went to see Dr. Lizer for something unrelated. The subject of my knee came up, and after some discussion with him, and watching a short video about a special kind of laser treatment that he thought would help my knee, I decided to give it a try.

I was only going to be in town for five more days before flying back to Seattle. So we did five sessions on my knee, one each morning. Normally more laser treatments would be required, but I was leaving town. Well, by the second treatment my knee felt stronger and I stopped having to favor it. That was a few weeks ago now, and my knee feels great. No weakness and no pain. I’ve gone rollerblading and hiking since then and I’m very happy with the results.
From what I understand, Dr. Lizer is one of the only people that do that kind of laser treatment, no one in Seattle does. So I feel pretty fortunate to have my knee treated while I was up in Alaska. Thanks a bunch Doc!
-Ben Helton

Sarah Godfrey

I had extreme carpel tunnel syndrome for 3 years that had progressively became worst to the point that I was unable to sign a check without pain in my wrists. I had been seeing my regular medical doctor about this problem for about 2 years and had tried 3 different types of wrist splints, wrist wraps, topical creams, prescription medication, ice bathes, physical therapy, over-the-counter medications with little or no relieve from pain and numbness. My hands would fall asleep at night and I would be awoken up multiple times a night to “shake” my hands to bring back feeling. During the day I couldn’t even open simple lids from jelly jars or pick up a pan to drain water due to pain and weakness in my hands.

One day I noticed Dr. Lizer’s ad in the phone book while I was trying to find a medical facility to perform an EMG on my wrist. The test is to evaluate the nerve damage in the wrist and determine the best course of action. I didn’t like the idea of someone placing needles into my nerve and shooting pulses of electricity through them to determine the nerve damage and had delayed having this test performed. I notice Dr. Lizer’s ad, which mentioned he could cure carpel tunnel with non-invasive laser treatments. As a last hope I called Dr. Lizer and he himself explained Low Light Laser Therapy to me. I was very interested and made an appointment for the next day.

I came in the next day and saw Dr. Lizer and after the treatment with the laser and BRT, I didn’t have pain in my wrists and it just got better as the days passed. On my second treatment I called Dr. Lizer and asked if I could drag my father with me to see what he might be able to do for his debilitating upper back pain.

Well, that has been 4 months ago and I now have no carpal tunnel in my wrists. No pain, no numbness and I can write, type and play with my kids without pain. If you have any soft tissue injury, carpal tunnel or any other injury laser therapy is a must.

For the cost of just the EMG test alone, I fully paid for the complete treatment with Dr. Lizer and cannot be happier. This has been the best investment I have ever made. I now can play on the floor with my kids without pain and enjoy little things that I didn’t even realize I was missing.

If you have carpel tunnel and are even remotely thinking about surgery, PLEASE see Dr. Lizer first, the laser therapy is utterly astounding what it can do to heal you, even on the first visit.
-Sarah Godfrey

C.A. Gudmundson

In 1994, I injured my left should in a skiing accident. I made an appointment to see Dr. Lizer. At the time of my first appointment, I could not move my left arm and it was very painful. Dr. Lizer began treatment with bone, muscle and nerve technology. He used an instrument that resembled a large pencil. Dr. Lizer explained that it was a cold laser. He explained how it worked and what it could do. After two visits to his office, I found that I had recovered about 50% of the use of my left arm and the pain was more the 50% eliminated. Over the next 60 days, I recovered full mobility to my left arm with no pain.

In January 1999, I injured my right shoulder at work. I made an appointment to see Dr. Lizer. During my first visit, Dr. Lizer explained a new computerized cold laser. He used this as a main part of his treatment with me. I immediately felt progress from the effects of the laser. At one point I felt as though new tissue was growing in my shoulder. My recovery was much faster than I had expected.

I have become a firm believer in the cold laser technology as a healing tool. It is a technology that I seek out before I see a medical doctor.
-C.A. Gudmundson

Leland Olkjer BSDC

On December 17, 2002 I went to Dr. Lizer’s office for an examination and treatment for debilitating pain and muscle spasms primarily to my sides and my chest. It was even difficult to breath without setting off a spasm. I had injured my ribs on the right side in August by separating the ribs from the sternum and it was taking forever to heal but was gradually improving. On November 18 both feet slipped out from under me and I landed very hard on my back and I thought just reinjured my ribs again. I couldn’t do anything over the next four weeks but sit propped up in a chair with pillows and cold packs.

I told my wife I had to go see if Dr. Lizer could do something for me. Since I live 250 miles away I didn’t know how I was going to make the trip but it had to be made. Dr. Lizer did the consultation and the exam in his office and ordered and MRI, rib x-rays, electrical nerve conduction test, blood work and bone scan. He said “we need to find out what is going on; you are in too much pain.” We did a Laser Treatment on me and I noticed a difference within minutes of less pain and increased movement before I got a spasm.

I can only express my appreciation for the thoroughness and ordering the additional exams as it turned out I had five fractured ribs and an end plate compression fracture of a lower thoracic vertebra and considerable nerve damage.

With the extensive damage that was done he told me it would take a long time to heal. He needed to see me every day for a month and see where we would be. It has been a month and I am a thousand percent better. No more spasms, able to sleep a few hours at a time in bed, regaining some of the strength that I had lost. I still have some to go.

I know that if it were not for the Laser Therapy that I would not be as far along as I am today. I am also a Chiropractor and have treated patients for 25 years and have watched others progress from injures that have taken much longer time than this.
-Leland Olkjer BSDC

James J. Pizzadil, D.C.

I came to Dr. Lizer with an extremity problem that had gone on for two years. In the course of my work, I had injured the ligaments in my right hand the flexor ligaments in my palm were so irritated that my third, fourth, and fifth fingers would get “stuck” in a tight fist, and I would have to painfully force my hand back open. This was seriously affecting my professional work, my exercise and recreation (weightlifting, skiing) and all other activities. The condition was steadily deteriorating with increase pain and stiffness and was spreading to other joints and soft tissues in my right hand.

I started seeing Dr. Lizer for laser treatment and adjustments of my right hand and wrist. At first, I felt increased sensation in the affected areas. Gradually my right extremity began to heal, and my strength and range of motion returned. Today I have only the slightest sensation in this area, and I continue to follow through to fully resolve the problem. I am greatly relieved and extremely grateful to Dr. Lizer for helping me with this painful, debilitating, and potentially disabling problem. I fully recommend laser treatment for those with joint and soft tissue problems.
-James J. Pizzadil, D.C.

Wilma Kerschner

Upon arriving in Alaska to stay with my daughter for several weeks, I could not stand up straight, had trouble walking and sleeping. I had been through a lot of stressful situations and it was showing. After being here a couple weeks and my condition getting worse, my daughter convinced me to see her chiropractor, Dr. Lizer, because she believed he could help me.

Dr. Lizer took one look at me and said that laser therapy was the answer. I had walked into his office slowly and bent over with pain. This first session proved that laser therapy was going to work. After just this first session, I walked out of the office almost straight. I knew I had a long way to go for the pain to be gone, but I felt more confident in myself and knew that finally something was going to work after being in this pain and agony for over 2 years.

Knowing that my stay here was limited, Dr. Lizer suggested that I see him on a daily basis for the first 3 weeks for the laser therapy. During the first 2 weeks, I had some strange sensations and pains, but trudged forward with this therapy. I am now walking straight and no pain to speak of and I feel great.

I know that Laser Therapy works. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t be walking and standing straight and I would still be in great pain. All that is now gone. I am so grateful for my daughter and Dr. Lizer for encouraging me to go through this laser therapy. It Works!
-Wilma Kerschner

Pam Stratton

I am writing to thank you for the successful treatment of my son’s Crohns Disease. As you may remember, he started having stomach problems in his early 20’s. He experienced sharp stomach pains whenever he ate anything. As a result he was losing weight steadily.

After a number of months of his continuing stomach problems we finally decided that he needed to see a doctor. Over and eighteen month period he saw two different gastroenterologists who, after many tests, both diagnosed him with really severe acid reflux. None of the medications they prescribed helped him.

Finally, he saw a third gastroenterologist in California who diagnosed him with Crohns Disease and began treatment for that disease. By this time he had lost a total of 50 pounds, and he was struggling with his energy levels and eating. After three months of treatment with multiple medications he was still unable to eat without pain. The doctor said since the medication hadn’t relieved the symptoms, she needed surgery to remove the inflamed section of his intestine which could be felt externally and felt hard. She set him up with an appointment with a surgeon. This is the typical course for treating Crohns.

He came home for Christmas that year prior to seeing the surgeon. Luckily, he was able to see you Dr. Lizer, every day he was home except for Christmas Day. After seven treatments of low level laser therapy he was eating normally and experiencing no pain! What a wonder celebration that was! The hard section of his intestine that was easily felt when he came home was now soft. On his return to California he met with the surgeon who examined him and said there was no need to operate.

It has been almost two years now and he has maintained great health, has not experience any issues with his Crohns, and has regained a healthy weight. The initial treatment you provided was so effective he has not needed any additional laser treatments.

Again, many thanks for this marvelous cure!
-Pam Stratton

Donna Hightower

I have suffered with carpal tunnel for years. I have nursed my hands and wrists with Exercise, prescription medications, braces both simple, and complex, (which were almost impossible to work in and less than comfortable to sleep in) finding no relief. My life became work and only work, I could make it through a day of work but that was all. Anything other than that was difficult at best; my hands became so bad that sleeping at night became almost impossible the sharp pain then numbness became almost unbearable.

I finally talked to my doctor, had all the tests done to see the severity of the carpal tunnel the tests showed the damage was indeed severe. Surgery was the only recourse for relief. This meant that I would be off work during Christmas; this was not good since I work for the Post Office, and timing just wasn’t working with me. I decided to hold off as long as I could, it was the week before Thanksgiving when I heard about Dr. Lizer and the first time I had ever heard about Low Level Laser Therapy. I decided to at least check into it. I really wanted to avoid surgery if it was at all possible. I just wasn’t ready to spend a minimum of 3 weeks off for the surgery on each wrist, and return to work not knowing how my hands would feel. I called Dr. Lizer set up an appointment discussed what Low Level Laser therapy involved I decided to give it a try and see if I could avoid surgery, I started treatment the week of Thanksgiving 2006, the first thing I noticed was my arms felt weird then I could feel my fingers then I began to improve steadily I have continued my treatment now it is March 2007, I have improved so much I can actually write a letter I can even type on a computer, I can’t wait for summer so I can work in the yard, go fishing, and do all the fun things I haven’t been able to in years because of my wrists. I am so impressed with Dr. Lizer how this Low Level Laser Therapy has helped me that I strongly suggest that anyone that is anticipating surgery just try one more thing. Call Dr. Lizer make an appointment and see if Low Level Laser Therapy would work for you. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND DOCTOR LIZER AND THE PROCEDURE LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY AND THINK YOU WILL TOO.
Donna Hightower